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What we offer

We understand the importance of having positive role models around and combating attachment issues early. By giving support, guidance and building trust every child can learn to be more self-aware and be equipped with the right learning behaviours in order to build a better future.

We will assess learning and social and emotional needs and give the necessary help to remove the barriers to learning. There is great emphasis on language development and communication. Nothing is taken for granted and everything is explained, supported by role modelling, demonstration and the use of gesture as appropriate. The relationship between the staff, always nurturing and supportive, provides a role model that children observe and begin to copy. Lunchtime is a place for social learning, offering the chance for children and staff to attend the needs of others, with time to listen and be listened to.

Our day school will run Monday to Friday from 9am, until 3:15pm.

Pupils will be:

  • Offered safe and positive workspaces in which to learn
  • Taught based on the national curriculum  and following  Nurture UK approach
  • Supported through their emotional and social issues
  • Provided with state-of-the-art IT equipment in order to progress their learning
  • Taught resilience, self-discipline and response and control techniques
  • Provided with quality meals and snacks


Stylish Places


  • Modern learning spaces with interactive technology
  • Dedicated rooms for specialist interventions
  • Spaces for refl ection
  • Collaborative working spaces
  • Canteen for hot meals, refreshments and conversation

All departments adhere to the Nurture UK approach.